Sunday, February 5, 2017

love: MYOHMY paper bag

I was searching for a sturdy, minimalistic bag which was big enough for my work documents and all the other stuff I carry with me all day. Finally, I had a good reason to buy a MYOHMY paper bag! I saw this bag ages ago and every time I saw someone with this bag, I fell in love again. I really like the simple, but recognisable, design. Fun fact: For this design Ramon Middelkoop, who designed this bag, was inspired by the paper bag from a wanderer in the tram.

MYOHMY does not only make just lovely bags and purses, the brand also contributes to better live conditions for people and animals. The leather they use comes from animals which had a good live at farming families. It's treated with less as posible chemicals, to keep up the
the quality of the drinking water and the handmade products are produced by local craftsmen in Fairtrade workplaces.
A bag that contributes to a better world and only gets more beautiful by using it.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

gift guide: christmas wrappings

Hurry hurry, it's only two days 'till christmas! Did you get everything? Find that perfect gift? The perfect dress? And are you going to the perfect party? Well, then it's time to wrap those gift as beautiful as possible. Here is some inspiration for you. 
So grab those color pens, ribbons, glitters and get creative.
I wish you and your loved ones a merry and joyful christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

outfit: 20161211

jumper zara trousers selected femme brogues selected femme watch cluse bracelet brandy melville necklace etsy

Saturday, December 10, 2016

gift guide: 10 christmas gifts

My friends will not be surprised if I say that I like to give presents and wrap them as beautiful as possible. 
I can spend hours looking for the perfect gift. And if I can't find a good gift, I make it myself 
(which are usually the best gifts to give).

With christmas two worlds meet: my love for this holiday and giving gifts. Don't get me wrong: christmas for me is about joy, 
happiness and being together with your family or friends. The perfect occasion to let them know you are grateful 
and really appreciate them. And I know, there aro so many other ways to do this. But I think nobody dislikes it to receive a nice gift, 
no matter how small or big it is.  Today it's 15 days 'till Christmas. But if you're still in need for that one present:
here some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift to give, or to put on your own wishlist.

book peter lindbergh - bracelet olivia burton - lipstick mac - velvet blazer topshop - bubble bar lush  
pineapple storage pot oliver bonas - hair clips meri meri - elf on the shelf - lomo'instant sanremo lomography - make-up bag fabienne chapot

Sunday, December 4, 2016

outfit: 20161204

Can you fall in love with a dress? Cause I think I just did.. When I saw this dress, I knew he had to be mine. Everything is just right at this trench dress. The length, the cute buttons on front and the beautiful forest green color. The fabric looks a bit like silk, but it's not. It's called 'cupro'. It's a natural product which feels very soft and comfortable. On the second picture you can see the lovely silk/matt shine it has. Reaaaally love it!
The necklace i'm wearing is the double horn necklace from Amanda Deer Jewelry. She's a designer based in Austin, Texas. 
The pieces they create are handmade, characterized by their simple but delicated designs. 
I bought the necklace months ago and still wear it daily. 
If you're looking for a nice piece of jewelry, you should definitly take a look at her website.

dress sissy boy shoes zara necklace amanda deer jewelry watch cluse

hello world

Hi lovely people! Time for change, time to start up my blog again. 
After more than a year (!) radio-silence at my blog, I'm back. I missed it! I really like to share and discuss things with you. 
So I have decided to start blogging again. I doubted whether I had to create my own domain name and start all over. 
But I eventually decided not to. I'm afraid I'm going to feel too much pressure with having my own domain. 
I created this blog just for fun and I still want to blog whenever I want. 
Besides this blog I do have a fulltime job. So I don't even have that much time anymore!

Past few days I've been working on a new layout for my blog and it's finally the way I want it to be. Simple and clean. 
I will perhaps change some little things. But for now, I'm happy and can't wait to start again. 
Still hoping that people like to read my blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

photography: spooky by tim walker

model: agyness deyn 
photographer: tim walker
source: love magazine, tim walker photography

Sunday, October 25, 2015

new in: ace & tate glasses

It was about time to replace my old glasses, so I decided to order a new pair at Ace & Tate. Besides they are offering such cool models, I also like the concept of ace & tate. First you choose 5 pair of glasses you like and they will sent it to you for free. You may try on the glasses for 5 days. After you decided which pair you like the most, you just sent the glasses back and order your favorite model with the right sphere for just € 98

The models I've chosen looks all a bit similar to eachother. But I knew excactly what kind of pair I wanted: a slightly round model with a brown mottled pattern.  I'm wearing the pair that I eventually choose at the first picture (left). It's called Nina in the color autumn leaves.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

outfit: 07102015

jacket a la top h&m jeans mango shoes zara bag urban outfitters